Emma Wilson


Emma has been piercing for 6 years, 3 years of them on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. 
Emma focuses on comfort, quality, cleanliness & education and advanced piercing knowledge to help guide you throughout the healing process along with ongoing support and the ability to perform precise and perfectly placed piercings.
"In my time being a body piercer, i've seen and given advice and fixed many dodgy piercings due to uneducated piercers who carelessly throw a needle through your body, take your money, misinform and miseducate their clients.
Educating is what it's about and by educating we cause the least harm, pain and discomfort possible. By this law we create "harm free body piercings" and that is what I'm about".
Emma is happy to answer any questions and give advice in-store or online.
For bookings please call us on 07 54702630 or email us at info@whitetigertattooco.com
Instagram @emmafairypiercing_noosa